Best Pest Control Services for Cockroaches In India

Best pest control service providers for cockroaches in Mumbai, Delhi NCR, Kolkata, India. Avail best pest control services to get rid of cockroaches & all the harmful diseases spread by them.

German Cockroach

  • The adult German cockroach is 1/2 – 5/8-inch-long and rarely flies.
  • They are golden in colour and have 2 dark striped on the pronotum.
  • Their droppings look like pepper.
  • Due to moisture, they are found in kitchens and bathrooms.
  • Prefers temperature of 26 Degree Celsius or above.
  • 1 Gravid female German roach can produce 63 million adults in a year.

American Cockroach

  • Adults are 13/8 – 21/8 inch long, sunglass-type marking on pronotum
  • Their wings cover the body and are reddish-black in colour.
  • They prefer to glide rather than flying.
  • Their droppings are similar to that of mice, but have ridges and blunt ends.
  • Lives in deciduous trees and woodpiles; hitch-hikes with brown bags
  • You will find them in sewages and wet areas.
  • 1 Gravid female American cockroach can produce 160 adults in a year

Oriental Cockroach

  • 1 – 11/4 inch long, the colour of the body is dark brown to black, and have a wide body
  • Male wings cover 1/4 of body, females only have wing pad.
  • Their droppings look like pepper.
  • They are found in sewages, wet areas, basements, and under logs.
  • 1 Gravid female Oriental cockroach can produce 160 adults in a year


We follow the rule of 4 “D”s – Deny Entry, Deny Food, Deny Shelter, Destroy
Easy care will use suction to remove eggs and apply IGR thoroughly with residual spray, dust, and get baiting at cracks and other places possible.

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