Marble Polishing

Marble is a natural stone which requires a special treatment to maintain the shine and keep your interiors looking good consistently. Marbles are vulnerable in nature and can contain stain and damage. Hence it is necessary to protect your marble from grit, grime, and harm. So make sure that your marbles are kept in good condition and cleaned at regular intervals. Marbles require proper polishing to maintain the shine and lustre.  Let’s take a look at the following steps that will make your marble look timeless:

It is important to understand the variety of marble you have. There are natural and cultured marble, and the process of cleaning and polishing each marble is different. It is easy to identify natural and cultured marbles. The natural marble is cooler in temperature compared to the surrounding whereas the cultured marble is about the same. Once you find out the kind of marble, you can then pick an ideal way to polish and clean them regularly in your homes & offices.

For professional polishing of marbles, it requires a professional approach along with abrasives and tools. A factory-like gloss and shine is possible with the help of trained experts and grit diamond polishing on your marbles. Diamond polishing is a natural process that uses diamond grit as an abrasive over the surface to remove light scratches & cuts. The polish affects better if the quality of the diamond grit is higher. The diamond grit polishing requires a floor grinder with a skilled operator, and takes ample amount of time to achieve the required polish and shine. But the end result is a surface with mirror finish that can stun your guests with its victorious gleam.

Marbles are very sensitive stones and need your constant care and attention. Marbles are delicate and needs a close and detailed approach to keep them spotless before they start looking dull. So, whether you choose to do it yourself, or you call for professional help, make sure the polishing is done properly so that your marble surface keeps looking as bright as new always!

Upholstery Cleaning

We at Easycare use a 3 step scientific sofa cleaning process and they are as follows:

We first vacuum the dust from your sofa or couch with powerful vacuum cleaner.

Then we inject our special sofa cleaning agents into the sofa and continue rubbing it deeper with soft brushes.

Similarly, all the dirt is then taken away from the sofa with a wet vacuum cleaner.Our technicians then inspect the entire cleaning procedure and see if your expectations are met.

Carpet Shampooing

For carpet cleaning we use special cleaning agents and use a scientific injection-extraction process to clean your carpet completely to get rid of germs & dirt. It is not seen easily but the carpet holds a lot of dust and dirt. Deep cleaning helps it get cleaned completely with quality service taking care of the spots and stains. So, do you wish to see your carpet to look brighter and cleaner?

Home Cleaning: dirt

Facades are the most visible attribute of a property investment. Our specialty in restoring and maintaining building facade improves the appearance, integrity and value of each property. We provide all services needed to improve and maintain the integrity of a property, including: Exterior cleaning, restoration and maintenance, weatherproofing, masonry repairs, painting, remedial caulking.

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